About Us

Our Mission

Hike for K9 Heroes is dedicated to helping working dogs and service dogs who are partnered with the Veterans, First Responders, and select service branches of the Department of Homeland Security.

We support our mission through various recreational activities through which we help create a community of support.

Our Why

We understand that behind every solider, first responder and law enforcement officer, there is simply a person.  We realize seeing the results of warfare, training mishaps, people hurt in accidents or fires, human trafficking, or a child found too late can create a lasting impact on one’s being. We understand it’s natural and part of the experience. We know it also takes a toll on the person and their family.  Here are some astonishing figures.


per year from 2008 to 2016


Killed in line of duty 222


million calls answered

We at, Hike for K9 Heroes, believe we can help in a small way. We can do this by being an organization that unites our community not only to raise funds for the dogs in our mission, but also encourage those in need of understanding and support to join us.

We are not just another non-profit organization helping dogs. We are a non-profit organization setting a new path and we want to do it through fun and engaging in recreational activities allowing camaraderie, respect and support for all. 

We love hiking and are pretty darn passionate about it for various reasons. We want to encourage activities like this for the physical and mental well-being of the individual and their families. The following articles help one understand the benefits and correlation between outdoor activities and overall improvement of one’s health.

Our Commitment

Hike for K9 Heroes pledges to be an organization that is not only helping financially, but also improving the overall well-being of all those involved in our cause.

Support the Unsung Heroes

100 % of every donation goes directly to our cause.